Map build failed script error when trying to download

I get an error when I try to download my map (configuration). EHX pops up the following warning message

Map build failed. The SCRIPT Cameras failed to build. The error was No entries found matching

talkLabel = STU2 : listenLabel = Dir

This map error is caused when the name / label of a port has been changed in the map BUT has not been updated in the logic maestro diagram.

To fix the issue,

  1. Go to the Logic Maestro page in EHX ,

  2. Select to edit the script called CAMERAS ST2 (or as named in the pop up message)

  3. Use the new port label in the diagram.

The logic diagram will also highlight in red the OLD port label, which is causing the map failure.

  • Press the Refresh button and logic maestro will collect all the new port labels in the map and display them , you can now edit the logic using the correct label.