Hands-free usage with VOX activation and Audio Gating

In this article I will show how to set up a panel for hands-free use, using the VOX Action in Attached Control Options. This guide also applies to any other port type capable of VOX Activation.

In this example, there are 9 teams, each with their own partyline, and 3 panel users in each team (A, B, C). The panels are able to talk hands-free to other panels within the same partyline by using VOX activation in conjunction with the Audio Gating feature.

VOX , stands for Voice Operated Switch

it is basically a noise gate and once the audio coming into the panel or matrix port is over the audio threshold set in EHX , the VOX (noise gate) will switch and allow audio through

Creating Panels/Partylines:

Start by creating panels and partylines for each of the Team members / Teams:



Creating Routes:

We can now create the routes that will be activated when VOX is present on the panel’s input:

  1. Route Origin = Panel with VOX Action. Route Target = Team partyline.

 Creating Controls:

Next, we will create the Controls and attach the routes as members from the Available list:


Attaching Controls to VOX Actions:

Next, we will attach the Controls to the VOX Action in the Attached Control Options in Panel Properties. Here we can also activate the Audio Gating feature and set the desired Audio Detection Release Delay and Audio Detection Threshold:



Latching the Mic ON and allowing Eavesdropping:

We will create some logic in Logic Maestro to latch the Mic on so that we may use the Eavesdropping feature of the panels without the user having to manually activate a key.

  1. Drag a Panel Control module onto the canvas and link a Disable Logic Element to it’s input. Expand the first option, right click Loudspeaker Cut and change this to Microphone Mute. Also change the override type to Permanent Override of Local.


  2. Expand the second option (Panels). Right click 'Add panel…' and select All Panels. Panels can also be dragged onto this section to individually add panels, and can be excluded by right clicking a panel.


  3. In the Properties page for the panel, under Panel Options, select Eavesdropping. This will allow other panels to listen to this panels mic.


Panel Programming:

Finally, we can assign the Team’s partylines to their respective panels with Force Listen activation.



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