E-IPA ST2110 licencing error message

I have a EIPA card with 64 port.

The card is licenced with 32 AOIP ports.

In EHX I declare – 36  primary ST2110 streams

  • What ?? happens


The EHX PC will still download the map

The EHX User knows the license for the number of 3rd-party AoIP ports purchased. However the EHX application doesn’t know the licence limit as the licence is stored on the individual card

EHX lets you see the number of ST2110 streams you have configured:


1) Does the map download – or does it stop / crash

  • The map will still download

2) Do I get all 36x ST2110 streams

  • No

3) Do I only get the first 32 or do I get 36-5 and steams 1-4 are dropped

  • You only get first 32

4) Does the IPA card still create 36 streams (multi-cast IP) but with no audio

  • No

5) What error message do I see in event log if any ??