What does partial firmware failure mean in EHX

When downloading new firmware to the panels connected to my matrix I got a partial failure message In the upgrade screen of EHX







This means that not all units (panels, beltpacks etc) in the configuration file that should receive the firmware being sent received it.

 There are lots of reasons this could happen in a fairly normal way.

 Maybe a matrix card is configured but the card isn’t inserted for some reason. You wouldn’t expect that to work but “Partial Failure” is still the state as far as the EHX “Apply Firmware” dialog box is concerned.

 Or maybe there are antennas configured but not connected. Or panels etc.

Basically, this “Partial Failure” may look alarming but it is in fact providing you additional info. Your first thought should be “maybe something isn’t connected” rather than “something failed to update”.



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