EHX Data Storage - EHXDatastore.sdf

This information refers only to non client-server installations - the majority of installations.

In Eclipse Configuration System (versions 1 to 5.2.x) the SQL Server Express database EclipseServer.mdf was used to hold configuration information and event logs. CCN files are exported and imported into the database for operation and the SQL Server CLEARCOMXX service has to be running for ECS to work.

Since Eclipse HX (version 7 onwards) the database has been changed into a SQL Compact Edition file, and it no longer contains configuration information - those are stored in memory and in HXN files.

If this EHXDatastore.sdf file becomes large, pages which rely on it, such as the Event Log, will become slow to open and the Save Diagnostics file will be huge.

It is also possible for the SDF file to become locked (by an antivirus program or by a drive compression operation) or corrupt (due to a system crash). Given the SDF file does not contain much valuable information unless an Eclipse issue has occurred, the fastest way to overcome these issues is to overwrite the existing file with a new file from a fresh install.

Files for major software revisions are available from this page - use the version closest to your installation and rename the existing EHXDatastore.sdf to EHXDatastore.old or similar in case of issues.

Additionally, a SDF Repair tool is attached for users who have received the message:

The database file may be corrupted. Run the repair utility to check the database file.

The file will extract the required software. Click the button and choose the EHXDatastore.sdf file for repair.

As the default EHX installation is in the Program Files directory, Windows may need Administrator privileges to run. The SDF file can also be copied to a less protected directory, such as the Desktop, if needed.

If any messages about version compatibility are shown, please install the correct SQL Compact 4 file for your computer from



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