How to Route Additional Channels of Audio to IP-Connected V-series or V-Iris Panel

You can have up to 02 additional channels of audio on your panels if they are connected via IP from either in IVC mode / or AES67/ ST2110 mode using IVc-32 or E-IPA cards on your matrix. They can be accessed from the rear of the Panel on the DB25M Aux Audio Connector.

Please note that it does not work for panels connected via MVX ports.



  1. Add panel of your choice on your IP Card. Choose how many additional channels you want on the pop up screen.

2. Name the hosted direct channels on your ports of your choice.

3. Set the ports to Direct on the cards that you want the audio to be routed from.

4. Navigate to Local Advanced > Forced Listen tab.

This forces the additional channels created as Hosted Direct ports on your panel to always listen to the audio on MVX 1,2 & MADI 1,2 in this example.

5. Navigate to Panel Programming, click on Mixer.

6. On Mixer Window, set the additional channels to EXT 1 & EXT 2. EXT 0 is by default routed to the analog RJ45 port; EXT 1 & 2 are routed to the DB25M port.

7. Wire the following pins on the DB25M to your desired destinations.