How to See What Licenses Are Installed On An EHX Eclipse Frame

Sometimes it is helpful to know how many licenses and of what are installed on an Eclipse/EHX frame. Most of the time this is beneficial when purchasing additional licenses as the factory needs to know before submitting a new license code.

To see what you currently have installed:

  1. Go to Event Log under Diagnostics

  2. Click the Play Button on the top right


  3. The system will request information from the system, wait for it to finish with the diagnostics dump

  4. Click Request Info


  5. In the popup screen, click Matrix Overview and Send

  6. The screen will return a large amount of data. If you scroll down to around the 8th line, you will find what licenses are installed on the frame:

    In this example, you will see that there are 99 Agent-IC licenses, Dynam-EC, etc. This also includes the Dongle ID or “Hardware ID”.