When upgrading E-IPA cards please allow 10-15mins to complete

When upgrading a E-IPA cards please
Be aware that it takes about 10-15min per card  & the card may re-boot several times before it completes the upgrade, so you should wait the 15mins for the upgrade to complete


The upgrade can take upto 10 -15mins: During the upgrade process the card may reboot several times and not show any indication on its display that the upgrade is still taking place.

Failure to allow the full 10mins may result in the E-IPA FPGA upgrade not completing and making the card inoperable.

In some versions you will see the error: “Upgrade unsuccessful”. It fact, the upgrade is still being processed. Please do not interupt.

Please be patient and allow upto 10-15 mins for the E-IPA software upgrade to totally complete.

Please wait for the E-IPA card OK leds to start flashing normally before using the card.


If you want to upgrade both banks of a E-IPA card / IPT or Iris panel;

Use the EHX central upgrade method to update bank #1

Then use CCM to upgrade method to update bank #2

For HX V12 upgrades it is recommended that you upgrade both banks of the E-IPA card.

  • It is not necessary to do this for IPT or Iris, only E-IPA



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