Pico display module shows garbage characters after installing the app code and fpga

If you see some garbage characters on the display after installing the app code using tera term and upgrading the fpga, you can try the following instructions from the service department:

There's a small button on the backside of the module which opens a menu on the module itself.
You need to go EEPROM and set to unlock to change settings, then to
Then go to EEPROM again and set lock.  (You may also need to select the reset option on the EEPROM)
If the menu doesn't clear on the module itself, then the module is defective. When settings are good and you get no clear display, something must be wrong with the display output on the Pico mainboard.
We sometimes also have the problem with serially downloading the app, sometimes only an old computer with Windows XP, S4driver (the old blue one) and a real COM-port (no usb adaptor) helps.
Also a low battery or a wrong set battery jumper can be the reason.
It is strongly recommended that these actions be done by a representative of Clear-Com as the opening of the Pico device could lead to your warranty being voided.

CPU card will retain data so long as the battery voltage remains above 1.5V.  2.5V


Solution update low battery voltage changed to 2.5V on Feb 2021


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