How to Install Agent-IC License in Eclipse EHX Frame

This explains how to install a new Agent-IC license on your Eclipse Frame.

These directions are to be used after the license has already been purchased. If you need to purchase, please contact your Clear-Com Sales Representative or email our corporate office


Once purchased, the license will come to you via email from our factory or corporate office. In the document you will find a passcode with up to 16 characters.

Open EHX software and make sure your project matches what is currently on the frame, and if necessary, download the latest map from the frame.

Click “Configuration” and at the bottom of the list click “Preferences”.



On the top you will find several tabs, click “System Access Codes.”

At the bottom, either manually enter or copy and past the passcode into the “Features Passcode” box.

Once you Apply Map to Matrix, the frame will be updated with your new passcode/license.



How to configure Agent-IC user in Eclipse HX frame

Once you have installed the Agent IC licence onto your frame, follow these simple steps to configure the Agent IC user

  1. Goto EHX > Hardware > cards and ports. Select your IVC or IPA card and add a Mobile client


2. Enter the login User ID and Password credentials for the mobile client


3. Next Goto EHX> configuration > Panels and assign keys to your mobile client as per normal




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