How do I use the new USB logging function on V-Iris panels

The functionality is intended for system troubleshooting with Clear-Com’s technical support team and is not required for regular system use.

 The USB memory stick needs to include a folder called “tweaks” and contain an empty file called “logs” without a file extension.

The “logs” can be generated by adding a new text file, renaming to “logs” and deleting the file extension.  To be able to edit the file extension the extension needs to be visible.

Finally the directory should look like this

“logs” file must be inside the “tweaks” folder

USB Drive > tweaks > logs

Once the USB memory stick has been inserted into the device the state of the USB logger can be checked


The Iris panel will begin live logging as soon as a USB drive with the correct file structure is mounted. The Iris panel will continue to log to the USB drive as long as the drive is inserted in the panel.

In order to manually create a snapshot, continue to follow the instructions below.

On the Iris Panel

Go to local menu on the panel. (press the menu + Aux Vol (info) pot)

Before inserting the USB the panel shows USB LOG OFF:

After inserting USB (with USB logging mods) the panel shows free space on the USB and shows SNAPSHOT button: (at this point the files on the USB are generated)


After selecting SNAPSHOT on the panel, panels shows GENERATING and then DONE: (some extra log files are added to the USB as shown in the screenshot):


Upgrading a V-Iris panel can take up to 10 mins to complete and you may see the panel reset a couple of times during the process

Please be patient and allow the full 10mins for the upgrade to complete

Please do not make map / configuration downloads while the panels are upgrading



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