Adobe ending support for Flash


Adobe has stopped supporting Adobe Flash in 2021 and may prevent some Panel Programming screens from operating correctly.

Early versions of Eclipse Configuration System used ActiveX technology to embed scalable Adobe Flash images for stations/panels in Panel Programming. EHX is not affected.


If the PC running either:

  • A copy of Eclipse Configuration System earlier than v5.2.5, or:

  • ECS 5.2.5 supporting legacy panels (ICS 2003, 52, 62, 92)

Does not show the expected panel mimic under Configuration > Panels.

  1. Uninstall Adobe Flash via Add/Remove Programs Applet

  2. Reboot the PC if possible.

  3. Reinstall Adobe Flash 10 from releases/ECS/ECS_V525_&_PM PRO/install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe

Users running ECS versions earlier than 5.2.x may consider upgrading - the process can usually be carried out with a minimum of downtime via remote access.


If the above procedure doesn’t work, it is likely that Microsoft Update KB4580325 is installed. It is possible to undo this change - uninstall any Adobe Flash installations and run the executable below:

Please note this fix is not malicious but has not been tested in all environments, so is presented at the user’s risk.


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