How To Upgrade E-IPA Card License

The E-IPA-HX card is a high density IP card that can be licensed from 16 ports to 64 ports . It also supports ST2110-30 streams to 3rd party devices (requires EHX V12.0 or later). ST2110-30 streams can be purchased in blocks of 8 and overlay the number of ports ordered

E-IPA port count
• E-IPA-16-HX: 16 IP ports
• E-IPA-32-HX: 32 IP ports
• E-IPA-48-HX: 48 IP ports
• E-IPA-64-HX: 64 IP ports
Cards are bought ready licensed but you can upgrade your card in increments of 16 ports. You can apply more than one 16 port license to your card, to a maximum of 64 ports in total.
• E-IPA-UG-16-HX: upgrade your card by 16 ports.


If you have purchased a E-IPA card with 32 ports and you purchase E-IPA-AoIP-ADD-8-HX (additional support for 8x ST2110-30 streams). It means you can set any of the 32 ports to a ST2110-30 port.

  • 8 out of 32 ports can be set to ST2110-30 mode


If you wish to purchase licenses to upgrade your E-IPA-HX port capacity, contact your Clear-Com dealer.

Once you have completed the purchase of your upgrade license, you should receive an email with your Ticket ID for entry into the IPA card. To complete the upgrade process, follow the directions below:


Remember if you have increased the port count of your E-IPA card,

In EHX map make sure to change the port count to match your card followed by a “Apply map to matrix” download with reset







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