EHX Server Backup

would like to have the two EHX SERVER PCs but with different addresses, with an automatic copy from the active server to the other and so on, is it possible to do this? and how can we do this?

Yes, you can have two machines with 2 different IP address, but the auto backup requires you to write your own script to copy the EHXDataStore.sdf file between the two machines.

This solution was provided by a customer and installed by their own IT dept

The file you need to copy from the SERVER machine is the EHXDataStore.sdf file.        

The file is located at C:\Program Files\ClearCom\EHX Configuration Server ***\EclipseWCFWS

There are two set-up you need to do:

  1. Robocopy script batch file: 

The copying of EHXDataStore.sdf file can be done with robocopy (a built in Microsoft tool).


Share the folder C:\Program Files\ClearCom\EHX Configuration Server 12.0 (for example) on the main server (which is called “MainServerHostname” below). 

On the backup server, you need to write a batch file (.bat) that contains the following:

robocopy /E “\\MainServerHostname\EclipseWCFWS” “ C:\Program Files\ClearCom\EHX Configuration Server 12.0\EclipseWCFWS” "EHXDataStore.sdf”, this will copy the database from one server to the other. 

You will need your IT department to do this an ensure the correct permissions are in place.

The batch file needs to be (run as administrator because we are changing a file in the C drive). 

When you are doing the robocopy, type this: Before the robocopy command, see the screen shot as shown below. 

NET USE \MainServerHostname\IPC$ /u:username password


2. Task Scheduler: 

The batch file must be called (run as administrator because we are changing a file in the C drive) from Task Scheduler (another built-in Windows program).

The Task Scheduler will do the automatic execution for robocopy script and below are some screenshots for the Task Scheduler solution (using the example batch file above):


Ensure “Run with highest privileges” is checked.

Add a trigger (once a day at 0300 or something – best to do this when no one will be using EHX).

Add your batch file in the action’s menu.















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