Matrix: Eclipse Matrix new CPU MKII (CPU E208)

in 2024 Clear-Com introduced an updated CPU (controller) card for Eclipse matrices aka CPU card MKII

CPU Card MK II is only supported when using EHX v13.1 Rev B or later


Support for the MK II CPU Card
The support for the MK II CPU card was officially added in v13.1 REV B. The MK II CPU card uses the MPC8280 host processor whereas the MK I card used the MPC8260 host processor. The MK II CPU card is functionally the same as the MK I card and can even be used alongside a MK I CPU card as a main or backup partner card.

The MK II card cannot, however, be used with earlier versions of system software and the roll-back to earlier software versions is protected against by the card firmware.


A MK II CPU card was released in 2024. This is functionally the same the MK I CPU card, however the MK II card is only supported from EHX v13.1 REV B onwards. The firmware running on the MK II CPU Card will not accept a firmware file from a system release that does not support the MK II hardware. If this occurs, then the firmware incompatibility will be stated in the EHX event log.

The CPU card hardware version can be identified by examining the information on the microprocessor:
8260 signifies a MK I processor
8280 signifies a MK II processor

New MPC8280 processor on the PCB

The PCB part number for the CPU MKII is T13453-2A1


The EHX v13.1 Rev B or later Event log will show if a MKI or MKII CPU card is fitted

Example CPU MKI message in the event log

Yes it is possible to have both a CPU MKI and CPU MKII running in the same matrix

They must be running the same CPU firmware v13.1 Rev B or later



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