How to Upgrade Iris Panel Over IP Without a Switch

When an Iris panel is connected to 4-wire and needing to be upgraded, the easiest process is to use a USB stick and go around to each individual panel. If this isn’t possible, and a network is not available, then the next best step is to do a direct IP connection from you PC to the panel. Here are the directions on how to make this happen.

  1. Disconnect the Analog/4-wire cable

  2. Connect the IP port of the panel to your PC directly

  3. Power up the panel and get the IP address

    1. Press Local Menu

    2. Press IP Setup

    3. Press Net Setup

    4. Press IP Address

    5. Make note of the IP Address being displayed

  4. On your PC, change the IPv4 setting for your network card to an IP address that is one off from what is displayed on the panel

  5. In a web browser, enter the IP address of the panel that is showing on the display

  6. The username password should be

    1. user: admin

    2. pass: Serial Number of your panel (nnllnnnn)

    3. If the serial number doesn’t work, look at the bottom right screen of the Iris Panel. It should show “CC-IRIS-xxxxx” Try entering the values after “CC-IRIS-” for the password.

  7. Go to Upgrade

  8. Upload the file, should be a tar.gz

  9. Click upgrade

Once the upgrade is finished, the panel will reset and go back to a scrolling screen and is ready for you to re-connect to 4-wire.