Iris Panel AES67 Bandwidth Requirements

Though the V-Iris panel can have up to 32 talks and listens at any one time, it only uses one stream in each direction to the E-IPA card. It uses a single unicast IP address with each additional hosted directs taking 1 AES67 channel within the stream.

  • No hosted directs: Constant 5 mbps in both directions

  • 1 hosted direct: Constant 6.5 mbps in both directions

  • 2 hosted directs: Constant 8 mbps in both directions

  • You can refer to the table provided by Clear-Com if running in 1ms packet sizes.

The audio going to/from the Iris panel is mixed at the frame, so the bandwidth is always constant.


How to calculate the bandwidth requirements on an Iris panel.

First find out how many hosted directs are on the panel then use the following calculation:

<no. IRIS 0 hosted> * 5 mbsp + <no. IRIS 1 hosted> * 6.5 mbps + <no. IRIS 2 hosts> * 8 mbps = total IRIS bandwidth