Duplicate MAC Addresses on different ports on IPA Card

The IPA card has 3 outward facing MAC addresses. Two are for AES67 only, and are primary and secondary, although only the primary is used. The other is used for BOTH Admin and IVC. This leads to certain issues with switches.


  • If Admin and IVC are split onto different LAN ports ( Say LAN1 and LAN2), both ports will expose the same MAC address, even though they have different IP addresses. This can cause problems with ARP tables causing traffic to be misrouted. The symptom may appear as if the IVC port loses connection intermittently. The only solution at this time is to:

    • Combine Admin/IVC onto a single port

    • Leave Admin unconnected unless doing maintenance to the card ( note the Admin port on an IPA card is NOT uses in normal operation; it is only used for firmware upgrades, licensing, and fault logs)

  • The AES67 port will ways expose 2 MAC addresses, even though only one is currently used, and there is only a single IP address. Some network security provisioning will shut down a switch port if more than one MAC address is detected, so to avoid this, alert the network administrator to allow 2 or 4 MAC addresses on the same port.

  • All three functions ( AES67, IVC, and Admin) may be combined onto a single LAN port. In this case, that single port will expose 3 MAC addresses to the switch on that port