How do I get logs from Iris panels via the ccm

Below is instructions for getting logs from CCM for the IRIS panels,

  1. Connect a PC to the same network so it can reach the panel.

  2. Enter the panel’s IP address in a browser. This should get you to the panel’s CCM.

  3. Log in with

user: admin      

password: <mDNS number>

ie password == 04YYP931,



this is not the s/n on the unit but the mDNS hostname. You can find the mDNS hostname if you disconnect the panel from the network and look in the bottom right hand corner of the display


4. Goto Device -> Maintenance and click on ‘support info’, then continue

5. Wait for the support info to be prepared for download. This should take 20 seconds or so. Then hit download file link.