Upgrading IPT antennas by USB

Upgrading IPT antennas by USB
This applies to IPT (FreeSpeak or Edge) in stand-alone mode or connected by AES67


Upgrading by USB connection

Place the *.ccf  (or *.tar.gz) upgrade image onto a USB stick in a folder named firmware_upgrade located in the root of the USB FAT32 file system.

Note: Make sure that there is only one upgrade image in the folder. If not, the incorrect image might be upgraded.


The upgrade will begin automatically when you insert the USB stick.

Note: Both status LEDs will flash light blue once per second for 5 seconds on successful detection of the upgrade file. Both status LEDs will light solid red if there is an error during the upgrade. When upgrade is complete, both status LEDs will flash green.

Please wait for 10-15mins for the upgrade to complete

If the IPT antennas are connected via AES67, you also have the option to centrally upgrade the IPTs using the EHX PC upgrade method.

IPT antenna upgrades can take up to 10mins: When upgrading a IPT via EHX download or using a USB memory stick, please allow up to 10-15mins for the upgrade to totally complete.

During the upgrade process the IPT may reboot several times while the upgrade is still taking place.

Failure to allow the full 10mins may result in the IPT FPGA upgrade not completing and making the IPT inoperable.

  • known issue with wrongly upgraded FPGA - no audio in / out of the IPT, or BPs cannot lock

Please be patient and allow up to 10 mins for the IPT software upgrade to totally complete.