Can I connect a FSII-BASE-II to a RM-704

We setup a system with 1x Clear-Com FSII-BASE-II (with antennas, beltpack, etc.) and 3x RM-704 panels connected on the four 2W ports of the FSII base station and, believe it or not, the 2W links are not working properly !

What does it mean ? Everything looks OK except that we don’t have any audio between the 2W channels and the FreeSpeak II beltpack !!!

After investigation, we concluded that it seems to be a question of consumption on the 30V. DC 2W power lines.

It works with 2x RM-704 and as soon as I’m connecting the third one, I cannot hear anything but buttons lights, logic functions on the 3x RM-704 are working fine !


So, what could be the issue ?

  • FSII-BASE-II power supply not strong enough ?

  • RM-704 too “energy-consuming” ?



FSII-BASE-II power supply is not strong enough and was not designed to support that many RM-704 units

 The FSII Base II unit is designed to support about 400mA per A/B  and C/D

See FAQ : How much current do RS700 beltpacks use compared to RS600

How much current is available on the 2-wire IC ports on the FSII baseII


Each RM-704 uses about 190mA  - which is why you can just!! About support about 2x RM-704 units but not 3 or 4 units

In fact you are on the hard limit of the FSII BaseII psu module ability to drive partyline systems

 See the Encore power calculator

We recommend you purchase an additional  PS-704 to drive the RM-704 units or to swap one of the RM-704 to a MS-704.