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The whole production intercom or talkback communication industry, particularly in the Broadcast and AV media markets, is moving into a new way of working, away from dedicated 1:1 cable connections between equipment to using Audio over IP (AoIP) networks using the AES67 / SMPTE ST2110-30 standard.

Consequently, the success of the installation and project relies on a correctly configured IP network infrastructure. There are some practical steps you can take in pre-sales and installation phases to make the install go smoothly

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To make AoIP installations go smoothly follow these steps

#1 Read and review Clear-Com's AoIP - AES67/ ST2110 document

  • Use Enterprise grade managed 1GB switches that meets or exceeds Clear-Com's minimum spec (preferable they should support Boundary Clock mode)
  • QoS
  • IGMP
  • PTP Grandmaster units with GPS (depending on application)
  • Contact Clear-Com support about our IP ST2110 survey form email:

#2 Ensure that a IP network engineer (from the switch vendor) is available

  • Pre-sales to review the network topology
  • On-site during the installation to help configure your network switches

#3 Ensure you have dedicated IP test and measurement tools on site

#4 Installation good practice: prepare the network, prepare the devices, check for PTP synchronization, and then connect audio.

  • List of IP addresses
  • List of multicast IP address
  • List of GM IP address and MAC address
  • Check PTP status and latency to end points (off set from master values)
  • Test devices offline before connecting to the live network

Please visit our dedicated AoIP Solutions section of our FAQ for additional information

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