How do I wire a footswitch to FS Edge basestation

The FS Edge basestation and Arcadia basestation provide 4x GPO (relays ) and 2x GPI (opto inputs)





2 x GPIs. These can be used, for example, to allow the station operator to open an audio route to a Channel using a foot switch, or to route a program feed to a Channel, Group or beltpack when an on-air light comes on.

  • Up to 10 different audio routes can be generated on each GPI.


Configuring GPIs
This example opens a talk route from the Base Station to a Channel when an input occurs on GPI1 (for instance, from a footswitch).

Navigate to Configuration > Logic.

  1. On the left panel, click GPI1 to select it.

2. Click the Add button

in the center panel.


3. Click the Options button

to select a Source. Select the Edge Base.


4. Click the Options

button to select a Destination. Select the required Channel.


5. Click the blue check mark.

6. To label the GPI, click the pencil icon.

7. To test the GPI, or turn it on and off, navigate to Status > Logic