Upgrade an FSII BP or non-IP Transceiver via USB cable with EHX software

Sometimes we need to do an offline upgrade. The Over The Air (OTA) FSII upgrade requires the belt pack or transceiver to be attached and active to an FSII Base Station. When that is not possible, or if you just need to upgrade one or two BPs, this process is much faster than the OTA method. When doing more BPs, then it’s worth turning on the system and doing it OTA. In any case, here it the USB wired method. It requires that you open the EHX SW and also requires that the configuration map has an EQ or IPA card in the map. If it’s an E-IPA card, there must be at least one FSII BP port programmed to the card.

FSII BP Upgrade via EHX


The “APPLY WIRELESS FIRMWARE VIA USB” function will only be available if there is an E_QUE card with FSII functionality set or an E-IPA card with Wireless Beltpack ports set.

Make sure you have the latest files for FSII BPs / Transceiver Antennas (non-IP) upgrading

For the BP and Antenna codes…

  .fww files are for:

a)      OTA upgrading of BPs via the FSII Base Station

b)      Transceivers upgrade via CAT5 connection to Base Station

   .fws files are for:

a)      USB upgrading via EHX (when an FSII E-Que card is installed the project, use tools dropdown menu to select APPLY WIRELESS FW VIA USB)

b)      The Upgrade Wizard will let you navigate to the appropriate files


  1. Select the appropriate FSII-functioning Card

2. Click on the TOOLS drop-down menu at the top of the page




  1. Click the BROWSE button to select the FW File you want to send (BP or XCVR)

  1. After selecting and the FW File window is populated with the FW file you selected, hit the UPDATE FW button


Once you have chosen the correct file, the wizard will confirm it’s correct and then will apply the file to the device via the USB cable.  If it freezes up, simply cancel the wizard, reopen it and start again.  The process takes a few minutes.



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