FreeSpeak II RSSI meaning



Ever wondered why the highest score for RSSI was 59, well the RSSI is read by using the RST (Readability Strength Tone) system.

The first number is “Readability” (1-5), Readability is a qualitative assessment of how easy or difficult it is to correctly copy the information being sent during the transmission.


  1. Unreadable

  2. Barely readable, occasional words distinguishable

  3. Readable with considerable difficulty

  4. Readable with practically no difficulty

  5. Perfectly readable


And the second number is  “Strength” (1-9), Strength is an assessment of how powerful the received signal is at the receiving location.


  1. Faint—signals barely perceptible

  2. Very weak signals

  3. Weak signals

  4. Fair signals

  5. Fairly good signals

  6. Good signals

  7. Moderately strong signals

  8. Strong signals

  9. Extremely strong signals


we recommend a RSSI value no lower than 30:

The lowest acceptable values for consistent communications.

When placing antennas attempt to position antennas so that this is the lowest level seen.