How do I trunk matrices together across different LANS / Subnets

Intelligent Linking with trunks require all the connected frames are part of the same EHX project. Intelligent linking dynamically allocates the available audio trunks as required when a talk or listen to another matrix system is requested. The Ethernet connection between matrices allows control data to route the audio lines so that any panel or interface on one matrix can communicate with panels or interface ports on the other matrices.

Intelligent Linking over WAN
Frame status information needs to be transmitted from each frame to every other frame periodically. EHX system do not use true broadcast traffic i.e. destination address of packets being Instead, network directed broadcast is always used when a single payload is to be directed to multiple other matrices, clients etc on the network. Network directed broadcast is where the packet address is the broadcast address for a specific network e.g. on the (subnet mask network.

All unicast traffic will naturally cross between different LAN segments providing an appropriate default gateway has been set.

In order to optimize frame status traffic transmission in larger linked-sets the broadcast proxy feature was implemented as part of the EHX development.

From EHX 7.1 and above frames use a broadcast proxy mechanism in order to share their status with other frames.

When a frame first initializes it will use unicast messaging to share its initial status with all other frames. Within this frame status each frame now additionally transmits its own subnet mask. Therefore, each frame now shares its network mask with all other frames, this allows each frame to gather a clear picture of the network topology of the linked-set.

see page 13 of the attached PDF


We recommend that you only use LAN1 of the matric CPU card for passing control data between all frames. This allows you to set the IP Gateway for the matrix


If you use both main and redundant LAN connections on the CPU card then you cannot set Gateway information and all frames must be on the same LAN / VLAN


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