LQ: Accessing LQ via Domain Name using EasyDNS

Some Agent-IC users have reported connections problems when using certain mobile service providers

This issue relates to the growing use of IPv6 networks, particularly by mobile network providers. To resolve the problem requires the use DNS

Solution: Use a DNS name rather than an IP address for the LQ host in the both the Agent IC client and in the LQ setup


Every LQ registers 2 names through EasyDNS. One for its local IP, and one for its external IP.

We can use the name registered to the external IP to access the LQ.

This method works around an issue when Agent-IC is running on an IPv6 device and is expecting an IPv6 certificate. As the LQ is on a IPv4 network, an IPv4 certificate cannot be generated. This workaround uses DNS, so that the device doesn’t request an IPv6 certificate.

This method is currently being used as a workaround for domain names which include characters that the LQ cannot accept as a valid domain name. (ie. an underscore _ )

This issue has been reported by a number of T-mobile users in the USA where they were having Agent IC connection problems over 3G/LTE in certain cities. The problem was location specific as the carrier rolled out IPv6, or piggy backed onto another carrier who was using IPv6 network

  1. Copy the hostname from Device → General


  2. Under Device → Network

    1. Paste the hostname into the Domain Name field and insert an ‘x' before '.clearcomdevices.com’

    2. Enter the external IP address and port for the LQ

    3. Click Apply changes


3. Under Device → Network → Security. Click Regenerate to regenerate the default certificate.


4. You shoud now be able to log into the LQ using the domain name we have set in the previous steps. This example shows an Agent-IC client's settings for the above LQ.



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