Matrix: Wiring diagram for Eclipse CCI-22 to MS-702 and RS-601 beltpacks

Question: What is the proper way to wire up an existing Encore party-line system to an Eclipse Median frame using a CCI-22 interface card. I have a MS-702 party-line main station by the Eclipse frame, I'm looking to wire up the CCI-22 card to the MS-702 main station, how is that accomplished?

Answer:  The CCI-22 rear card DB-9 connector on the Eclipse frame will tie into the rear panel  MS-702 A and B channel 3-pin XLR connectors. See the diagram below for the generic wiring scheme to link the Eclipse frame into the Encore Party-line system.

Figure 1: CCI-22 to MS-701 wiring diagram


The orange cables are standard CAT-5 or better cabling from the Eclipse MVX-A16 card to the rear interface card of the CCI-22. The cabling from the DB-9F connector to 3-pin XLR channels A and B on the MS-702 panel is a custom built cable. The DB9-M connector on the rear of the CCI-22 offers pins for both channels. The second DB9-M connector is wired in parallel to the first and is not used in our case. See the MS-702 user manual for the pin out on the 3-pin XLR connector. Standard 3-pin XLR microphone cable is used to connect the RS-601 beltpacks to the MS-702 main station.


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