How does the E-IPA card work in E1 antenna mode

Using EHX v12.1 firmware or later you can set your E-IPA card to work in E1 mode

This allows current Freespeak II (FSII BP) users who use the dedicated E1 infrastructure to expand their systems using E-IPA cards


  • The IPA card must have 32 or more ports licensed needed to activate the E1 mode

  • Complete Card mode switch (E1 or IP )

  • E-IPA in E1 mode works like an E-QUE card

  • Up to 50 Beltpacks (1.9GHz) or up to 40 beltpacks (2.4GHz)

  • 10 TCVRs

  • Roaming between cards (E-Que & E-IPA (E1))

  • Clear-Com specific fibre SFPs are required between the E-IPA card and the FSII-splitter (FSII -SPL)

You should NOT mix FSII-E1 Antennas in the same RF Space / Zone as FSII-IPT antennas

mixing the FSII E-Que/ E1 antennas and IPA-IPTS in the same RF zone has an issue where they wouldn’t work within the same RF space

The main issue is the EIPA and E-Que FSII don’t work together and interfere with each other and you will find system DECT IN-stability , with BPs and antennas dropping of line


See PDF for additional information

NOTE: Both single mode and multimode SFP’s are supported by E-IPA in E1 mode with splitter.

E-IPA FSII-SPL/TCVR (E1) HLI-SMFO FTLF1323P1BTR SM Up to 15km/40,000ft 1310 155 Proprietary, based on E1

E-IPA FSII-SPL/TCVR (E1) HLI-MMFO FTLF1217P2BTL MM Up to 3km/10,000ft 1310 155 Proprietary, based on E1

Extract from attached SFP list.


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