FSII-BP-19 Bluetooth - Compatible Headsets

Starting in 4th Quarter of 2023, all new FSII-BP-19 beltpacks will ship with the Bluetooth radio and features turned ON. At this time, the FSII-BP-19 beltpack can only support Bluetooth headsets that are on BT v5.1 or less. There are also restrictions on the type of Bluetooth endpoint that will work as it is NOT compatible with devices that do not have a microphone.

This is a chart showing known compatible headsets that work with the FSII Bluetooth beltpack. If you wish to add a headset, please send us an email at support@clearcom.com

This is a dynamic list that we aim to keep up to date. There could be headsets listed below that were known to work with the FSII beltpack at one point and may not any longer. Clear-Com can not be held responsible for any headsets that you might purchase that are not supported by the FSII beltpack.

If you have an older FSII-BP-19 beltpack and wish to turn on the Bluetooth feature, please contact your sales representative or Clear-Com reseller for more information.

Bluetooth is not available on FSII-BP-24 units


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