Can Arcadia Provide POE for an IP Transceiver Connected Directly?

Question: Can an Arcadia power an IPT when plugged in directly?  Without a POE switch and without local AC power at the IPT?

Answer: No, an Arcadia can’t power an IPT directly. The IPT can only be powered by a Local PSU or a POE switch. This also applies to the FSE-BASE (FreeSpeak Edge Base Station).

--Product Management 1/12/22

**NOTE 1: “IPT” is the nickname for the IP transceiver FSII-TCVR-IP-19. And this answer also applies to the Edge IP transceiver FSE-TCVR-50-IP.

**NOTE 2: The standard NON-IP transceivers can still be powered off the Arcadia (the FSII-TCVR-19 model without “IP” in the model number). The non-IP transceivers plug into the “SPL/TCVR” ports, where as the IP transceivers plug into the “LAN” ports. This works with a POE injector or local AC power, but the Arcadia is designed to be plugged into a network switch and hence doesn’t have built-in POE capabilities.



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