Tablets and Phones Known To Have Issues With Agent-IC

Clear-Com aims to work with all Android and iOS devices, but unfortunately, this is an impossible task due to the hundreds, if not thousands of devices currently in the market.

We have found that in the case of iOS devices, they are generally manufactured with the best hardware and firmware which normally leads to a great outcome.

Android devices however tend to go from being manufactured with the highest quality hardware/firmware, to in some cases, not being able to support a simple application like Agent-IC.

Because this is outside our control, we have compiled a list of devices that are known to have issues with Agent-IC.

We recommend you test before purchasing by downloading the Agent-IC app and connecting to our 24/7 live demo system where you can check if the application works on your phone.

Connection details to the demo system are pre-entered into the Agent-IC app already.

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