• Arcadia : How do I setup PTP GM settings for Arcadia?

    Using Arcadia R2 firmware you are not able to set the Arcadia into PTP follower mode


    Using Arcadia R3 firmware you can set the Arcadia to be either PTP Leader or PTP follower

    The Arcadia uses the following FIXED PTP profile. These PTP settings cannot be changed and the external PTP Leader or Eth-Switch in Boundary Clock mode must be set to match the Arcadia PTP settings.

    Arcadia PTP settings are always set locally at the Clear-Com device.

    The PTP settings are not retrieved from the external GM.

    For Arcadia R3, even when in PTP follower mode, IPTs get there PTP settings from the Arcadia; they are not inherited from the Clock Leader (GM). The PTP settings that the Arcadia sends to the IPT antennas are fixed by the Arcadia’s own PTP settings (see above). Therefore the Clock Leader (GM) settings need to match the Arcadia PTP settings.


    PTP Clocking: reference/follower only mode

     From R3.0 and above, the Arcadia and Edge base-stations can function as either PTP reference or follower only clock (enable/disable PTP follower mode in CCM > Hardware > Host > Network > [select the LAN that has been configured for AES67] > PTP Follower Mode).


    When the Arcadia station is in PTP follower mode, the clock settings on the reference clock must match those of the Arcadia station, as Arcadia PTP settings cannot be changed at the current time.


    Clock priority in PTP reference mode (A & B) on the intercom stations is set to 127.


    Network Jitter Tolerance: < 1μs required for IPT RF Synchronization


    QoS Tags:

    Clock: DSCP=46, Expedited Forwarding (EF)

    Media: DSCP=41, Assured Forwarding (AF)

    Management: DSCP=0, Best Effort (DF)


    PTP Parameters:

    PTP domain: 0

    Priority 1: 127

    Priority 2: 128

    Announce interval: 1/2s

    Sync rate: 8/s


    Media Profile : AES67 Media profile


    Restrictions: The AES67 VLAN used by Arcadia to connect to IPTs

    Cannot be combined with Dante on the same VLAN

    Cannot be on Management subnet unless on same physical LAN port.


    Arcadia PTP settings are always set locally at the Clear-Com device.

    The PTP settings are not retrieved from the external GM.

    see Arcadia datasheet : https://www.clearcom.com/DownloadCenter/datasheets/Arcadia/Arcadia_Central_Station_Datasheet.pdf


    See FAQ :


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