Configuring multiple LQs to support more than eight Agent-IC clients.

Below is an example of two LQ’s linked together with 8 Agent-IC licenses each, for a total of 16 Agent-IC clients, connecting from the Internet.

You must utilize TCP/UDP Port Forwarding from a single public-facing IP to internal IPs.

First, configure your LQs with different Ports.

  1. LQ-1 (External address) 123.456.789.123 port 6001 (will forward to (Internal) port 6001)


2. LQ-2 (External address) 123.456.789.123 port 6002 (will forward to (Internal) port 6002)

  • LQ1: In Device > Linking, set for the Link-Master and note the internal IP addresses.

  • LQ2: In Device > Linking, set for Link-Member and enter the IP of LQ-1.

  • Create 16 AIC Accounts.

    • Set the LQ Assignment tab for ANY

  • Create 16 Roles one for each account.

From Agent-IC Client App, use the LQ-Profile Settings to login:

Users 1-8 (or the first 8 accounts) login using port 6001 to LQ1:

Users 9-16 (or the second 8 accounts) login using port 6002 to LQ2:


  • In this example, the assumption is made that port forwarding rules are in place on your Firewall Gateway using your public facing IP address.

    • There are multiple ways to achieve this per manufacturer and version, but the rules look similar to below:

      • IP: 123.456.789.123 Port 6001 allow/forward TCP and UDP Services to Port 6001

      • IP: 123.456.789.123 Port 6002 allow/forward TCP and UDP Services to Port 6001




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