AOIP: Basic NMOS troubleshooting

EHX v13.1 introduces NMOS (is-4/ is-5) functionality for E- IPA cards


See for overview

see for testing NMOS using Easy-NMOS


NMOS allows a 3rd party controller to set up routes between AES67 devises

Each AEs67 device/ node publishes it capabilities to the controller , can then make and & break routes AES67 streams without them have to exchange SDP files



follow standard AES67 and PTP troubleshooting steps

use tools like PTP trackhound , Multi-cast Hammer , Wireshark to assit you


  • check NMOS controller:

    • Clearcom MQTT broker port is 8855,check if the nmos controller includes 8855 port.

  • check E-IPA reports same state as NMOS controller

  • if card not in NMOS controller, web browser to <CARD-IP-ADDRESS>:8855 ->

  • if you see the NMOS tree (standard XML output) then the IPA card is correctly enabled .

  • If it times out... check your EHX config, IPA card is in NMOS mode, check IP address/ subnet mask of your AOIP LAN port, and the IPA card is running the correct firmware. This should be V13.1 or later to support NMOS mode



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