Practical Tips - AES67/ST2110 Installations

The whole production intercom or talkback communication industry, particularly in the Broadcast and AV media markets, is moving into a new way of working, away from dedicated 1:1 cable connections between equipment to using Audio over IP (AoIP) networks using the AES67 / SMPTE ST2110-30 standard.

Consequently, the success of the installation and project relies on a correctly configured IP network infrastructure.

Kindly consider these steps to help smooth out AoIP installations.


#1 Read and review Clear-Com’s AoIP – AES67/ST2110 Document

·      Use Enterprise-grade managed 1GB switches that meets or exceeds Clear-Com’s minimum specifications (preferable if it supports Boundary Clock mode)

·      QoS

·      IGMP

·      VLANs

·      PTPv2 GM Units with GPS (application dependent)

·      Contact Clear-Com support about out IP ST2110 survey form via


#2 Ensure that an IP Network Engineer (from the switch vendor) is available

·      Pre-sales to review the network topology

·      On-site during installation to help configure the network switches


#3 Ensure that there are dedicated IP test and measurement tools on site

·      PTP Track Hound

·      Wireshark

·      Multicast Hammer

·      3rd Party IP ST2110 Measurement Equipment



#4 Installation – Good Practices

Prepare the network, the devices and check for PTP synchronization at endpoints before running audio through.


·      List of IP address

·      List of multicast IP address

·      List of GM IP and MAC address

·      Check PTP status and latency to end points (Offset From Master values)

·      Test devices offline before connecting to live network



Please visit out dedicated AoIP Solutions section for more information.


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