Eclipse Panel GPO Flasher

Note: This pin-out solution was created by a Clear-Com Applications Engineer from a previous commissioning. Please refer to Clear-Com’s official manual and confirm the pin-out for the third-party device before proceeding.

Eclipse V-Series Panels have 2 General Purpose Outputs (GPOs) that can be programmed in EHX for a number of uses. One such use may be a flasher light unit (“cue” light or warning light, for example).


Important Note

Relays are rated at 1 Amp at 24 VDC. This relay is not designed for switching mains AC line voltage. To switch an external device running on mains AC line voltage, use an external relay (or other switching mechanism) activated by this relay.



In the example below, we will be using the AUX Relay in a Normally Open state.


Wiring for Normally Open using AUX Relay

Note: you must match proper power to the flasher light.


Programming EHX

Create a Control

EHX > Configuration > Control

Add NEW Control

Label Appropriately

Attach the appropriate Panel AUX Relay to the Control

Note: you may choose to enable LATCH DISABLE on the Control > Properties to prevent the light from staying on, or you may wish to allow it to stay latched.


Assign the Control to a Panel

EHX > Configuration > Panels

Assign the CONTROL to a panel key to activate it, or attach to another triggering option elsewhere.

Note: this can also be triggered using secondary events, added to a Stacked Key, used within Logic, etc.


Other Triggering Options

Using Logic for interval flashing:



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