MS-704 DB15 Pin-Out

Note: This pin-out solution was created by a Clear-Com Applications Engineer from a previous commissioning. Please refer to Clear-Com’s official manual and confirm the pin-out for the third-party device before proceeding.

  • AUXILIARY PROGRAM INPUTS: Four different program inputs, one for each channel, are provided. These auxiliary program inputs can only be fed directly to their associated intercom line. The only controls that affect these inputs are the PGM-level controls associated with each channel and the internal program interrupt switch that is active if the function has been activated with an option DIP switch and a talk is active on that channel.

These inputs are electronically balanced with a high input impedance. Refer to the illustration above for connection of the program inputs. Pins #5 or #14 can be used for connecting shields.

  • REMOTE MIC ON/OFF SWITCH: An external momentary push button switch connected to pins #5 and #13 will duplicate the action of the front panel mic on/off switch.

  • ANNOUNCE RELAY CONTACTS: A relay is provided that activates when the announce button is pressed and its contacts are available on the accessory connector. The relay contacts are rated for 2.0 amperes of DC
    current at 24 VDC and are electrically isolated from the rest of the station.