Tempest Sync DB9 to RJ45 Adapter


Note: This pin-out solution was created by a Clear-Com Applications Engineer from a previous commissioning. Please refer to Clear-Com’s official manual and confirm the pin-out for the third-party device before proceeding.


If you need to extend the Z-sync  (link) between two Tempest basestations then using inexpensive CAT5 cable to connect the Tempest bases is convenient. Here are links to some adapters you could get:


 You can extend the cable upto 300m (1500ft)

Any DB9 to RJ45 adapter will work. You usually have to pin them out yourself.

Attached is the standard pinout you’d use, but it can be any pinout, as long as it’s the same on both the male and female adapter.

...we only use the first 5 pins of the DB9 for sync….and be SURE not to run this through a switch, or it will be a bad day for everyone.