• EQUIP connection to LQ

    Using the latest EQUIP firmware V2.38.06 (Nov 2023) or later you can now connect Equip with LQ units (2wire or 4wire units)

    The EQUIP base station can connect to a Clear-Com LQ to add Agent IC and additional audio
    connections to your EQUIP system.


    See EQUIP install guide




    However, EQUIP does not support linking with HelixNet Main station. If you require HelixNet main station linking

    1. You will have to connect to LQ via 4wire analog ports on EQUIP base unit.

    2. Then connect your LQ to the Helixnet via IP.

    EQUIP can connect to Clear-Com LQ via IP connection using the Ethernet connection (J1400). To connect to the LQ, you will need the IP address and name of the LQ you want to connect to. The IP address of the LQ device can be found on the LQ front panel or in the CCM,








    On the LQ

    1. Ensure you have declared 1-12 channels on your LQ (these should be there by default)

    2. Set up virtual client connections (2 per EQUIP base)

    3. Enter Label, User ID, Password, VC Default, LQ Assignment should equal the LQ unit you are using


    On the EQUIP








    In some cases if you find that you cannot still link the Equip to the LQ follow these additional steps


    The Equip system time and the LQ system time (local PC time) must both be on the same day and time


    1. From Equip > settings > date / time set it manually

    2. From LQ - set the Sync clock (which aligns the LQ timer to the local PC time )

    3. From LQ also regenerate the security token


     you should be able to then link LQ to EQUIP



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