HelixNet Belt Pack Flasher

Since there is not Flasher to indicate CALL Signal, as we have with the Legacy Analog Partyline products, We use the USB Micro port on the HelixNet BP to make that happen with the HelixNet line


HelixNet Flasher for Call Signal from a Belt Pack

If you need a Flasher light for your HelixNet system, there is no equivalent to the FL-1 or FL-7 Flasher that we used in the legacy Analog Clear-Com 2wire intercom systems.

But there’s a way cleverer way to flash in HelixNet to make Call Signal more attention-getting to the operator.

Pick up the rubber flap on the bottom or side of the HelixNet Belt Pack to expose the micro USB jack.

Insert the micro USB connector into that jack and insert the USB LED device of your choice into the USB slot.




     Examples of the adapter and LED flasher parts:  

90º Micro USB OTG Cable:  


DROK 5 ea. USB LEDs:   


There are many options you can find, but here are some quick links.

For a USB female to USB Micro adapter on Amazon, click:


 or for 90 degree ones, which I am coming to prefer:



For a USB flasher LEDs on Amazon, click:




 If the LED is too bright, you can put a colored balloon over the LEDs to dim the energy emitted.