Matrix: Eclipse matrix not keeping the configuration when I power off the matrix (battery back up)

Every time I power on my matrix the CPU OK led blinks twice - indicating that it has no map -
IMPORTANT: Before you install the Omega you must reconnect the CPU backup battery.The matrix CPU card has a lithium backup battery that powers the CPU memory if the AC electricity fails. This backup battery is shipped disconnected to preserve battery life. When you receive the matrix, you must reconnect the battery. The matrix will operate if you do not reconnect the battery. However, if you power down the matrix you will lose all configuration information stored in the matrix’s CPU card. 

To reconnect the CPU memory’s backup battery:

1. Please observe anti-static procedures. The CPU card can be damaged by static electricity. Please ground yourself and tools before touching cards.

2. Locate CON9 on the center most upper portion of the CPU card. Under the CON9 heading, there are three pins. A jumper plug is placed over pins 2 and 3.

This is the OFF position.3. Lift the jumper plug off the pins, and place it over pins 1 and 2. This is the ON position. The battery is now powered. 



CPU card will retain data so long as the battery voltage remains above 1.5V.  2.5V


Solution update low battery voltage changed to 2.5V on Feb 2021


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