Using RingCentral as an IFB Bridge

Adding multiple users and an auto-answer system to make a IFB-bridge where a user can select a specific port out of many options is not much more difficult than adding a single user.

Adding Users; RingCentral Side

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As Admin, select “users with extensions”, and add the lines you want to create. In RC they have to be “MVP” licensed in order to attach the user to a real device, as opposed to just the RC app. In my case I have added two users called IFB ONE and IFB TWO for two lines on our LQ. They happen to be extensions 104 and 105, but these are editable to whatever numbers make sense for your workflow. Just click on the user in the menu above to do so.

Then go to Phone system>User Phones to add your LQ lines, which for the purposes of Ring Central, are seen as an “existing SIP phone”.

In my case I’ve already added two Phones and named them LQ Line 1 and 2. You’ll select “connect manually using SIP” and be presented with two unique user/PWs to enter into your LQ.


Last item in RingCentral, making a greeting to direct users to dial the desired extensions under Auto Receptionist, and hit “edit” to create a custom greeting. The user will dial the extension listed under the “users with extensions” menu seen above, followed by #



Now, you can have a user call the “company main” number, and they’ll get your message directing them to dial the extensions you’ve attached to the LQ lines, or, you could give them the direct numbers attached to that LQ, both will work.




Adding Users; LQ and EHX side

Then, head over to your LQ’s SIP page and enter as such, with the credentials as “user#authorizationID” in user and password listed as listed. Get your ports on your IPA or IVC-32 card dropped and set up accordingly on your LQ, then attach them to the SIP ports you just connected in different Directs, just like any other SIP line. Make sure you make two different userIDs and PWs. You should see green check marks and status lights. If not, check the connection and user credentials for the affected device.

Last, create multiple DIRECTS by clicking the add button, under the assignment page, attaching one SIP line to one port on your eclipse IVC port. In my case I have two.

After you’ve completed this configuration, test your setup by calling the “company main” number in RingCentral and select the each extension in turn.



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