Eclipse HX Versions and the Features They Introduced

With Each release of our Eclipse Software and Firmware, we add features. This will help define when various features entered the feature list in the Eclipse family of products



  • Intro to the HX line

  • Save diagnostics zip suite of files now savable from the HELP dropdown menu.


  • IVC32 Trunking Directs

  • IVC32 Redundancy

  • Arabic Font Support4) Alt Text


  • FreeSpeak II support  BP Live Logging and Stored Error Logs for BPs

  • BP Status page (Battery Level, FER, Logs, On/Offline, BP’s XCVR location

  • OTA (pin protected)/USB BP registration

  • NTP time locking from PC to Matrix


  • Addition of Hosted Channels on IP v-Panels

  • Latching Reply Key

  • Desktop panel expansion panel support   


  • Virtual IFB page

  • Enhanced Panel Audio Mixer

  • Agent IC support

  • Up to 6 High Powered cards on an Omega

  • V-Series Panels over MADI


  • Virtual IFBs now active

  • FSII 2.4GHz support

  • Support 5 and 7 pin HS connectors on FSII BPs


  • LQ to IVC32 Interconnectivity

  • Scrolling assignments on v-panels and FSII BPs of Sort Groups

  • V-series:

  • Configurable Reply Key

  • Cyclic Shift Page configuration

  • Dual Reply Key

  • Customize LS Cut button behavior

  • Shift and Main menu activation fixed-delay option

  • Reply Labels persist over NIDs


  • Dante card and support with Dante Trunking

  • Option to disable Supervisor text inversion        


  • V32 /16key expansion panel support

  • An EHX Configuration can now be downloaded using the HCI IP interface, these downloads can also now be instructed from a Windows Command Line allowing the integration of map downloads into third party scripts.

  • Re-introduction of support of ICS-22, ICS-1008 & ICS-1016.

  • EHX built-in panel label printing facility.

  • EHX Panel Programming now shows which pages have configured keys.


  • LQ SIP support

  • Name Change fro PM Pro to Dynam-EC V-Series panel keys can now be managed by third-party applications using HCI3) Virtual IFB Xpt actions have now been added to Logic diagrams. Logic diagrams can now be used to dynamically add multiple types of virtual IFB property (sources, returns, etc.) to virtual IFBs.

  • Moveable TABs in EHX. Option to arrange Tabs Side by Side

  • Options added to not add a port to IFB return when added as a destination

  • Matrix online offline and monitoring states now are shown on the EHX sidebar.

  • 1.9 GHz Beltpack Improved Transceiver Handover


  • E-IPA Support

  • IPT support

  • FSII Wireless Diagnostics Screen

  • Central E-Que card upgrade via EHX using *.fwb file

  • A role can now be configured to persist in local modified settings between Beltpack power cycles.

  • Move Cards in Hardware tab

  • Trunk Groups

  • FSII Call keys can now be assigned and deleted from Roles as required.        

  • Wireless telemetry plots now in EHX Diagnostics


  • V-Iris support  (No Desktop variant)

  • The following functionality is not currently usable on the V-Iris panels

    • Listen Again

    • Message Record and Playback

    • Aux Port signaling (for Partyline and FOR-22 signaling on hosted directs)

    • Identify Me not supported in AoIP panel discovery

  • Panel supervisor control from EHX

  • FSII RF Filter

  • PTP telemetry plots now available in EHX


  • Delta Lite

  • IPT Daisy-Chaining

  • Iris feature additions:

    • Listen Again.

  • FOR-22 / CC-22 / HelixNet application types for the Iris panel hosted direct ports.

  • Message record and playback.

Additions to EHX panel Supervisor Mode:

  • V-Series/V-Series Iris Main and Aux rotary status and control.

  • Keypress (and hold) of latch disabled keys.

    • PTP Status Diagnostics:

  • Mean path delay

  • Mean path delay standard deviation

  • Offset from master

  • Maximum offset from the master

    • AES67 Stream Resource Usage

    • EHX un-dockable tabs

  • System Monitoring

  • Layout

  • Beltpack Status

  • PTP Status

  • Event log … Extended Support for Alt Text in EHX.  Now visible in Panels’ mimics


   1)  FreeSpeak EDGE Support on E-IPA card

2) SMPTE 2110-30 Support on E-IPA Card

Capabilities include:

o   • E-IPA as PTP clock master

o   • 16-bit, 24-bit or 32-bit AES67 channels

o   • 1ms or 125us packet sizes

AES67 direct and trunk ports be used concurrently with the other supported E-IPA port types.

3) New configurable PTP parameters on the E-IPA card

                                Configuration parameters include:

  • PTP slave mode on the E-IPA

  • RTP payload ID

  • PTP profile

  • PTP domain

  • PTP priority A and B

  • Announce interval

  • Announce receipt timeout

  • Sync interval

4) Linking multiple fiber rings (CRIB Cross Ring IP Bridging)

5) Multiple Wireless IPA Cards in a Single Matrix

6) Conformance to California Password Law (SB-327)

7) Removal of FreeSpeak I Support

8. Ability to daisy chain IPTs using both RJ45 ports (previously, only going fiber to copper or vice versa)

 The following are some of the bug fixes repaired in V12:

8. New feature for user to recycle HCI TCP sockets used in EHX server to Matrix connection

9) V-Series Panel IVC ports may now share same credentials if on different matrixes

10) Corrected issue causing panel key backup and restore to effect level settings

11)  Increased OTA registration timeout to 10 minutes in the config card

12)  Addition of pass-coded tradeshow matrix mode

13)  Corrected issue of remote routing between auto listen ports resulted in a stuck crosspoint  

14)  Chile DECT Region support 


  1. FreeSpeak E1 Transceivers Support on E-IPA card

  2. Station-IC Support on E-IPA card

  3. Layer 3 networks -Subnet traversing for E-IPA, V-Series Iris panels, FSII IP Transceivers & Edge Transceivers

  4. EHX 5GHz scanning via Edge Transceivers

  5. Support of 5 x E-IPA cards in Eclipse Omega Frame (forced air cooling is recommended)


  1. Binaural partylines with Left / Right pan Support for V-Series panels (requires two matrix ports per panel and only available for IVC or AES67 connected panels)

  2. Extension to V-Series Panel Listen again timer up to 5 minutes

V12.4.0 (Service release)

  1. Adjustable Media Clock Offset for AES67 Endpoints (V-Series Iris panels, FSII IP Transceivers & Edge Transceivers)

  2. E-Dante card – Support for version of the Audinate Brooklyn module

  3. Support of networks with or without ARP proxy for E-IPA cards


  1. E-IPA Card Redundancy (N+1 and N+N)

  2. Network Redundancy

  3. Dynam-EC Panel Macros and Alt Text

  4. EHX Map Import/Export

  5. EHX Improved Layer 3 Network Support for AES67 devices (panels and IPT’s) over subnets

  6. 200 Beltpacks on One Matrix

  7. Permanent Station-IC license hosted from Eclipse frame. Requires Station-IC v1.3+

V13.0 requires your E-IPA card to have hardware Rev 3+ or Rev 4. Please contact Clear-Com Technical Support for more information or to have your card modified free-of-charge.


  1. Role-based login workflow

  2. USB stick login to role based panel

  3. NMOS 4 and 5 on E-IPA card

  4. Support for new 20-key desktop touch-screen panel

Vx.x (planned future release)

  1. Support for SMPTE2022-7 to 3rd party devices

  2. Security updates for Agent-IC and Station-IC


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