How To Connect LQ-SIP to Eclipse Frame

This provides directions on how to connect your LQ-SIP to an Eclipse Frame via the IVC-32 connection.

Connecting a SIP telephone to your matrix.

When routing audio between LQ SIP and Eclipse, always use a Direct Channel in the LQ CCM setup.

  • The Eclipse matrix must have EHX version 9.1 or later installed
  • Connect via an MVX card: connect the MVX card and the LQ unit directly using a Cat5/6 cable
  • Connect via an IVC (IP) card: LQ unit, matrix IVC card and SIP server must all be connected to the same IP network
  • The LQ unit must be connected to the same network as the SIP server. The LQ unit must be able to see (contact) the SIP server, see your network administrator if you have any connectivity problems.

Program LQ-SIP and Clear-Com Eclipse

Configure the EHX Software

Program the LQ-SIP via CCM

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