Trilogy Mercury - Multicast to Algo Speakers

Configure the Mercury Interface Unit to send Multicast

Gateway Configuration Editor > Host > General

-Enable Multicast by Adding a Multicast Address. Set a “Max Multicasts” and enable Multicast Address Auto-updated

**In this example, we will be using -


Gateway Configuration Editor > Host > Ports

A. Set ports for 4-wire. (1 port for each speaker, or Multicast zone)

B. Name each port accordingly.

C. Enable Op. Rec and set for Speak/Listen

D. Assign Multicast Addresses to each port.

**In this example, is assigned to Zone 1, .2 to Zone 2… will be used for ALL ZONES.


Using Spylog, enable Multicast….JAMES to complete this section


Assign the 4-wire (Multicast) ports to a Panel as Momentary Speak keys

Upload and Restart




Configure the Algo

Web Interface > Basic Settings > Multicast

-Multicast Mode: Slave/Receiver

-Multicast Type: Regular (RTP)

-Number of Zones: Basic Zones Only

-Basic Slave Zones: Enable All Call and Zone 1

**Priority Call may also be enabled if the user wishes to use this, for example for emergency alerting.


Web Interface > Advanced Settings > Advanced Multicast

-In Basic Zone Definitions, set Zone 1 to use the desired multicast from the MIU.

**In this example, this is the first speaker so will use Zone 1 @

-Ports can be found in the MIU Settings in Host > Audio > Audio UDP Ports