AES67 Requirements and Recommendations

Clear-Com does not aim to verify Ethernet switch manufacturers or a customer's network topology. Though Clear-Com Engineering has tested specific switches for certain workflows, this information is for guidance only.

The standard AES67 network is a bridging compliance which allows any AES67 compliant device to participate with other compliant devices on a network in order to transport high quality audio over IP (AoIP.) Unlike Dante, this requires a more thorough understanding of the network topology since the mechanics are less automated.

Clear-Com has provided a thorough User Guide that explains what is necessary for a AES67 network, what is required and what has been tested.

AES67 Guide



IPA and IP-Transceiver Networking Guide



Features Required:

  • 1Gb (or more) bandwidth for every port

  • Layer III - Can perform at or near wire speed, but also acts as a router because it has IP routing intelligence built in.

  • Switching capacity equal to 2x number of ports (Tx/Rx). To exemplify this, if you purchase a 10-port switch, it should have a switching capacity of 20 Gb/s.

  • EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) or Green Ethernet needs to be disabled.

  • QoS - Quality of Service prioritization of audio traffic.

  • Fiber to Copper conversion preferable using the SFP/mini-GBIC form factor.

  • IGMP snooping must be properly configured.

  • PTP Aware Switches (that support Boundary Clock or Transparent Clock Mode.)

  • Dedicated PTP GrandMaster Clock (separate from the IPA card.)

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