Arcadia - Program Audio Solutions

This describes the use of Program Audio with combined HelixNet and FreeSpeak wireless devices on the Arcadia Central Station.

Solution 1 : Adding Program Audio stream to HelixNet Beltpacks and Speaker Stations


  1. Create a new HelixNet-enabled partyline channel and add in the program audio feed. In this case it is labelled “HX_PGM”.


  2. For the HXII-BP role, enable the Stacked Key option for one of the channels. 

    1. **NOTE: the best practice is to only stack the Program Audio channel with the SAME partyline channel for all HXII beltpack roles to minimize potential cross talk when using stacked keys. **
      In this case, the main PROD partyline is a good option as most beltpacks will have it assigned. You can label the stacked key with simply the name of the partyline actually used (PROD in this case).


  3. For an HKB-2X speaker station role, you can assign the “HX_PGM” channel to one of the shift keys. 

    1. **NOTE: to minimize unnecessary cross talk, turn down the partyline channel to 0, and use only the PGM volume adjustment for this channel. **


  4. For all FreeSpeak users and the Arcadia Central Station, you can use the built-in “Program” audio assignment for users without fear of crosstalk from the HelixNet devices.


Solution 2: Workaround to use a Dante audio stream as the Arcadia Program Audio input


  1. Assign your Dante input to a Dante channel in Dante controller (assume Dante 1 for this example).

  2. Create a Dante channel in the resources page.

  3. Create a “Dante_PGM” partyline that sends the Dante channel to a 4-wire port (in this case 4W Port 1).


  4. Connect a Cat5 jumper from 4W port 1 to 4W port 8.

  5. Navigate to the Resources page > Physical Ports, and make sure the 4W port 1 is set to the standard 4W mode in the port function (“4-wire”).


  6. Your program audio stream should now be arriving to the PGM input on 4W port 8.  The easiest way to test this is assign the PGM to a key on the Arcadia.


Solution Credits:

Brian Grahn

(Regional Sales Manager – Southwest USA)


Additional Solution: Using HRM-4X Program Input within the HelixNet Endpoints on R2 and onwards


  1. HRM-4X Program Audio can be assigned to HelixNet-Enabled Channels using the Front Panel or the CCM under Roles > Program Input > Channel Assignment

  2. This allows the HelixNet endpoints that have the Channel to independently mix the Program Audio via the dedicated key buttons or pot.

  3. HRM-4X Program Audio will NOT be available to other parts of the Arcadia system such as FreeSpeak Beltpacks, Arcadia Front Panel User Station, 4-Wire, 2-Wire, Dante assigned to the Channel nor be visible in the CCM’s Configuration > Channels (Assignment view).




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