How to grab a CCM Snapshot

When asked for a diagnostic Snapshot of a Clear-Com device that can access a CCM (Core Configuration Manager), which is a Browser-Based Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is the Software (SW) used to control many of our products, you will need to know how to get that information to forward on to your Clear-Com Support Professionals. Here is how to do that.


After setting your PC to the same subnet as the Device (Base Station, IPT Transceiver, E-IPA Card, etc.) type in the device’s IP address in your browser.

In the DEVICE TAB, (Orange Arrow) using the GENERAL Group, (Green Arrow) expand the MAINTENANCE Category and select SUPPORT INFO (Red Arrow).      

                        This will open a confirmation window, so then select CONTINUE. 

Note: Please be patient, as this next process will take a few minutes as the system prepares the diagnostic Snapshot.

You will see an indication of the percentage of the process and when it reaches 100%, you will see Blue, Underlined “DOWNLOAD FILE” message.  Click on that and the downloaded file will appear in your DOWNLOADS folder. 




The Downloaded file in your DOWNLOADS folder is a compressed file. Make sure to save it as-is to a place where you will be able to retrieve it in order to send it along to your Clear-Com support professional via email or another method. 


Sometimes files are too large to send via email. In that case, you can use Dropbox, and FTP site or another large file-sharing method.