I have a "Critical System Error" message

In the exceptional circumstance you have received a “Critical System Error” message on your CCM, Front Panel (red screens in v2.5 & 2.8) or Event Log entry, the software in your device has unfortunately encountered an unexpected issue that it cannot resolve during regular operation and the unit must power cycle. While the message is displayed in the CCM and the Front Panel the unit is in the process of saving all system logs to an archive that is kept on the device until it is next Reset to Default to provide data for our engineering teams to investigate the issue. The process of saving logs can normally take anywhere between 2-5 minutes following which the unit will power cycle automatically.

 I see a “Critical System Error” on my device, what should I do?

  • Wait
    If time allows, wait for the unit to save its diagnostics data and power cycles by itself.

  • Use
    Your system is now be ready for use again. Use it until you have time to execute the next steps.

  • Collect
    Collect and download Support Info from the CCM – Stats – Host Device window and email to support@clearcom.com for an investigation along with any information about the system, such as when the fault occurred and what the system was doing at the time of the fault.
    Note: Please take the Support Info before Resetting to Default or upgrading its Firmware.
    Note: Do not collect Support Info while the system is in operation!

  • Upgrade
    Check Clear-Com’s Download Centre for the latest firmware for your device and please do upgrade as appropriate when time allows.
    Note: Make sure to sign up for the Firmware Announcement E-mail list to keep up to date with latest developments.

 My unit never fully recovers and instead keeps booting up to the “Critical System Error”?

The device includes two memory banks and is designed in such a way that when one gets corrupted the other one takes over.  Should the unlikely scenario occur that both memory banks get corrupted the memory banks can be manually reloaded from the front panel of the unit using the USB port using a special recovery file. This process does not require the unit to fully boot up.
Please contact support@clearcom.com for further instructions on initiating this process.


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